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In the category Contemporary Music John Storgårds’ recording of Rautavaara’s cello concerto No. 2 ‘Towards Horizon’ on Finnish record label Ondine featuring the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and soloist Truls Mørk received a 2013 International Classical Music Award.

John Storgårds in Concert

1. January 1970, Symphony Hall Birmingham
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra


Storgårds has a feeling for the tone of [Sibelius’s Lemminkäinen Suite op. 22], its colours and moods, which are difficult to capture, and does not lose sight of the overall picture, even during the occasional dull passages. The conductor developed an atmospherically dense sound panorama from the marvellously played, overcast English horn solo. The orchestra’s playing was disciplined and solid and, as a result, the other three movements of this suite were also rewarding discoveries.

Stuttgarter Zeitung, 6 February 2014

Latest CD releases

CD-Madetoja 2

Leevi Madetoja

Symphony No. 1 in F Major Op. 29
Symphony No. 3 in A Major Op. 55
Okon Fuoko Suite Op. 58

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
John Storgårds, conductor

ODE 1211-2
January 2014